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"I am grateful for the years of panic and depression that I had, because the condition taught me some very valuable lessons about life and myself. You helped me Eva, to hang on to that life when it was at its very darkest. I remember the light you shone on me and how you showed me that it's a wonderful world - for all of its dark places and quirks - and that I could be a valuable person in this weird old game we call life. And for all of that, for all of that and so, so much more . . . I thank you".

45 year old woman with long standing panic disorder. She had a history of severe trauma and disconnection from her family. This client had 10 -15 appointments and has learned to be in control of her anxiety, she does not have panic attacks anymore, she has confidence and is now enjoying travel for the first time in years.


"My husband, children and I would like to take the time to thank you again for the help our family received. We feel the stress we were experiencing as a family, unable to change the behaviour and its' impact on the family of our 8 year old daughter. She is now able to get ready easily in the morning, she is cheerful and feeling more confident in trying new things since she has been able to let go of her
compulsive habits. We have all learnt to encourage independence and give support when needed or asked."

8 year old girl had many compulsive rituals that were frustrating to all her family members. She came along with both parents and after 10 appointments she is now able to resist the old habits and takes more risks away from home. She can now say goodnight and get to sleep in a very short time without needing repeated reassurance from her parents.


"I just want to say thankyou for all your help, counselling and support. I feel that I am the best I have been in the whole five years I have been suffering for and think that you have helped me immensely to achieve this".

30 year old single woman, business owner, history of trauma, low self esteem and with episodes of depression and anxiety. This client attended 8 sessions and has achieved positive outcomes.


"Eva, I hope it is not inappropriate to send you an e-mail. But I just wanted to say thank you for helping me through some tough stages and being a very effective catalyst to getting me where I am at this present moment - I couldn't have done it without you."

Couple who have been married 10 years with one young child . They attended 6 sessions to work on their relationship and the changes that being parents have made to their lifestyle.


"Eva, for all you have done to support our daughter and also our family through some challenging years we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have all learnt so much about communication, respecting each other, enjoying our time together as a family. The strategies we have learnt to manage the very difficult and life threatening problem our daughter was experiencing have changed our lives".

18 year old adolescent with a serious eating disorder. This client saw Eva regularly for three years and has made a great recovery. Supporting and educating the entire family has been integral to recovery for her and the family.


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