About Eva Goes

Eva Goes

Specialist Counsellor

Eva has over 30 years experience in all aspects of mental health and personal, professional and relationship counselling. She works alongside General Practitioners in general practice clinics where her services have been focused on early intervention in high prevalence disorders such as anxiety and depression with excellent outcomes.

Eva helps people of all ages from childhood to senior years to find ways to improve their quality of life. She also provides training to General Practitioners, Medical Students and Registrars on different mental health issues.

Eva has the following qualifications and experience:

  • Psychiatric Nurse Qualification (Victorian Nurses Board, 1976 – 1979)
  • Graduate Diploma in Mental Health Sciences – Young People’s Mental Health (Melbourne University 1999)
  • Graduate in Advanced Training in Applied Systems Theory and Family Therapy/Family Inclusive practice (Systems Coordinators Centre for Family Therapy and Systems Theory Training, 2005)
  • Credentialed with the Australian College of Mental Health Nursing (2006)
  • Developed a training course on anxiety, focused on supporting General Practitioners and Health Professionals (N.E. Victorian Division of General Practice, 2005)