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Who Uses this Service?

Please note: Some people may not have a problem of their own; but need help understanding how to deal with someone in their lives who does.

People who use Eva's Counselling Service may look for help with:

Addictions To achieve freedom from repetitive addictive behaviours and their causes.
Adolescent Developmental Issues Such as sexuality and self esteem.
Anger Management Understanding the way this affects relationships.
Anxiety Panic, worrying, avoidance, shyness, obsessions and compulsions.
Carer Stress Caused by caring for a Partner or Family Member.
Children Help with children's relationships with family members, confidence and behaviour. Early intervention in anxiety problems such as checking, repetitive habits, difficulty going to sleep, fears and avoidance.
Depression Finding ways to improve moods, reduce stress and to understand the triggers that change moods, improved coping strategies.
EAP (employee assistance program) Discuss this option with your manager.
Eating Disorders To make permanent change to compulsive behaviour in anorexia, bulimia or overeating, dissatisfaction with body image.
Grief and Loss Challenges of life stage transitions such as loss of loved ones, divorce, menopause and ageing.
Lifestyle To improve health, fitness and happiness.
Pain or Chronic Illness Improve coping strategies and quality of life.
Parenting Education and help with developing skills and confidence.
Post Natal Health Depression, stress, anxiety, fatigue, energy and self esteem.
Post Traumatic Stress Treatment to stop the intrusive and disabling symptoms.
Relationships Couples counselling, family/friendship problems, to help achieve improved intimacy and happiness.
Sleep Problems To help initiate and improve sleep.
Study Improve concentration and manage anxiety and stress to achieve superior outcomes.
Substance Misuse Problematic drug and alcohol use.
Teenagers To develop better strategies to manage moods and safe behaviour, to intervene early in emerging mental health problems such as depression and psychosis.
Workplace or Business Coaching To achieve better outcomes, improved motivation, time management and interpersonal relationships.
Eva Goes Specialist Counselling Eva Goes

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