"Eva is a great listener who is available, warm natured, offers empathy and caring while observing then provides education and feedback that is translatable, to allow me to have my own beliefs and make my own decisions .
The rest is up to me.
Highly recommended"
(51 year old male)

"Eva helped us work through marital separation and co-parenting with great outcomes for our whole family. We had our sessions on Zoom which worked really well. We will go back to see her to manage the challenges and changes as they come along."

"Eva supported me through year 11 and 12. I was experiencing a lot of emotional difficulties when I started the sessions due to family problems. I learned a lot of tools and strategies and regained my confidence. I learned to manage my thoughts when I became anxious and challenge myself to change negative thoughts.
She helped me manage my motivation and planning, improve lifestyle habits like poor sleep and irregular meals.
I felt like we were a team"

"Eva has been a very important part of our lives for over a decade. First guiding me through some tough personal growth stuff and then with my very young daughter. I knew who to turn to with my daughter as Eva had become like a mother figure to me... Now, even though we live too far away to see her face to face, my daughter facetimes Eva when she needs to check in or starts to struggle. Eva, working in combination with my daughters' Paediatrician, has helped her (and our family) through some tough times and they have formed a bond that warms my heart. Eva is her "safe place". I cannot recommend her kind and comforting nature highly enough! No matter the age group, her approach and advice are spot on. And this, from a person who originally met with her with a "I'm not talking", attitude. “Amazing” is the word I always use when I describe Eva."

"Eva with her kind, compassionate, professional manner and excellent skills has been a rock for me at various points of my life over more than a decade. Along with her incredibly generous nature and superb care, Eva also is continually learning to enhance her extensive knowledge and stay up to date. I consider myself extremely fortunate to have had Eva's guidance and care during very difficult times and I am deeply grateful for all she has done for me and my family. Speaking to someone who can gently guide, who understands, who has helpful strategies and suggestions and who is empathetic and generous makes you extremely comfortable, like speaking to a long-time friend. I really cannot recommend Eva highly enough."

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart and everywhere else for the help and guidance you have given me this past week. You are a miracle worker. :) :)"

"As a professional Eva has been my number one go to counsellor to refer carers and their families to. Eva has many years of experience which has played an integral part in assisting the complexities of some of the issues faced at times during their lives. I have no hesitation in recommending Eva as a counsellor who has the ability to walk alongside someone in what can be a very tough time."

"I’ve found Eva to be a most insightful person who has helped me immensely to be able to understand situations in a more positive and supporting way to the absolute betterment of myself and the relationships I’m in. Thanks Eva xx"

"As a GP, I wholeheartedly recommend Ms Eva Goes as an expert life coach and psychological counsellor!"

"Eva is bright, compassionate and insightful. She has guided me through a very difficult time in my life without making me feel that I have been judged in anyway. I always leave a session feeling so much stronger, happier, positive and ready to face the world."

"Life isn't always easy. It doesn't matter how educated or wealthy you may or may not be, we all have struggles. Eva has supported me for over ten years through divorce, difficult relationships, teenagers, professional coaching and at times she's been there just to help me get through those tough days. Eva's style of counselling is practical, professional and effectively communicated to support my individual choices and needs. I continue to confidently recommend Eva... so easy to talk to..."

"Eva helped me through a crisis in my life, she helped me to think clearer and see the bigger picture by teaching me coping strategies to get through. I will use these strategies for the rest of my life and thank Eva from the bottom of my heart. I got emotional writing this testimony as Eva has made a huge positive impact on my life".

"I am grateful for the years of panic and depression that I had, because the condition taught me some very valuable lessons about life and myself. You helped me Eva, to hang on to that life when it was at its very darkest. I remember the light you shone on me and how you showed me that it's a wonderful world - for all of its dark places and quirks - and that I could be a valuable person in this weird old game we call life. And for all of that, for all of that and so, so much more . . . I thank you".

"My husband, children and I would like to take the time to thank you again for the help our family received. We feel the stress we were experiencing as a family, unable to change the behaviour and its' impact on the family of our 8 year old daughter. She is now able to get ready easily in the morning, she is cheerful and feeling more confident in trying new things since she has been able to let go of her compulsive habits. We have all learnt to encourage independence and give support when needed or asked."

"I just want to say thankyou for all your help, counselling and support. I feel that I am the best I have been in the whole five years I have been suffering for and think that you have helped me immensely to achieve this".

"Eva, I hope it is not inappropriate to send you an e-mail. But I just wanted to say thank you for helping me through some tough stages and being a very effective catalyst to getting me where I am at this present moment - I couldn't have done it without you."

"Eva, for all you have done to support our daughter and also our family through some challenging years we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We have all learnt so much about communication, respecting each other, enjoying our time together as a family. The strategies we have learnt to manage the very difficult and life threatening problem our daughter was experiencing have changed our lives".